Sunday, December 16, 2012

Welcome to my Podcast


I've ate Omlete for Breakfast
Thai Noodle for Lunch
Shrimp Tom-Yam, Grilled chicken and Rice for Dinner

I've ate Fried vegetable and Rice for Breakfast
Hamburger for Lunch
Fried rice for Dinner.


I've ate Boil Rice for Breakfast.
Unknow for Lunch
Spicy Grilled Chicken for Dinner.

I've ate boil rice for breakfast
Unknow for Lunch
Fried vegetable and Rice for dinner.

I've Curry chicken and Rice for breakfast
Unknow for lunch
another curry Chicken and Rice for dinner

I've ate Tomatoes soup and fried pork for breakfast
unknow for Lunch
Grilled Shrimp for Dinner.

I've ate Bread and Sausage for Breakfast
Chicken steak for Lunch
Fried rice with egg for dinner.

I've ate Noodle for breakfast
Japanese food for Lunch
Fried Pork and Papaya salad for Dinner

I've ate Thai Noodle for breakfast 
Noodle for dinner 
and Noodle for dinner (Instant Noodle)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teacher Gary Work

Weight : 62
I have ate Fried Rice as a Breakfast
I have ate a Noodle as a Lunch
I have ate Omelets as a Dinner